Our Mission

We are:

A 501(c)3 not-for-profit, apolitical, grassroots organization, created by a group of friends to focus on and assist the underprivileged children of Haiti.

Our Motto:

Independence through education

Our Mission Statement:

Promoting education in rural Haiti, and improving the basic needs of a targeted population.
Offering scholarships to young adults to attend college or university in Haiti.

Our Methods:

“Adopting” schools in rural Haiti, supporting their activities, helping in their growth and development.

Our Immediate Goal:

To offer our adopted children one meal per day, prepared and served in school. Most of these children come to school with an empty stomach and return home to find little to eat. Learning is difficult when basic needs are not met first. The budget is .75 cents per school day per child, about $150.00 per school year, per child.

Our Long Term Goal:

To build a center to educate and feed one thousand (1000) children daily.
Please visit our Help page for your consideration to assist us to carry out this mission.